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Friday, November 25, 2011

The not-so-traditional anniversary gift

No matter who you are as a couple, it can always be quite a challenging task coming up with exciting and fun anniversary ideas. For the couple who is looking for the not so traditional anniversary gift ideas, Celestial Gift Experiences will have the perfect gift ideas on offer.

If your other half has a passion for motorcycles then the Harley Davidson pillion is the perfect anniversary gift for them. It “includes a one hour Harley Davidson Pillion. The Harley Chauffeur can collect from your address of choice and either provides a one way or two way transfer – totaling 60 minutes”. Maybe get the chauffeur to drop your partner off at a restaurant where you will be waiting…sounds like a very romantic anniversary gift idea to me.

Maybe you are looking for anniversary gifts for a couple that loves to fly. Some of the flying experiences available at Celestial Gift experiences include a Cape Town helicopter flight, hot air balloon flights, tandem paraglide flights as well as a tandem skydive. Also available is the WACO biplane flight for two and a Johannesburg sunset flight.
For something a little different you could also choose a beachcraft bonanza flight for three. “Your flight route can be discussed with your pilot to make this flight best suited and most memorable – take in the best of what the Jozie skyline has to offer. With three seats available for passengers this makes for a great experience for friends and family.” This is wonderful anniversary gift as it can include more people – sharing your anniversary gifts with others can only make it that much more memorable.

If you are looking for anniversary gifts for the couple that likes a good party then maybe the following gifts experiences are just what you are looking for. There is a Ghost Bus and pub crawl available as well as Party Hummer, which “operates within Johannesburg and Pretoria. Your recipient will be collected along with a maximum of 3 others and taken either for a drive or to your favourite restaurant, nightclub or bar”. This experience is bound result in lots of celebrating and will no doubt be night never to be forgotten.

Does your partner love to dance? If so, why not get them a dance experience that they will remember forever. Celestial Gift experiences offers 4 saucy salsa dance lessons as well as ballroom dancing for two, which “includes 16 hours of ballroom and Latin American dancing for one person or two. It is made up of a private 30 minute assessment followed by 4 individual lessons of 30 minutes each, 8 socials and 6 parties”.

Whatever anniversary ideas you come up with, whether you are looking for traditionally romantic anniversary gifts or the slightly more unique gifts, will most certainly be able to cater for your interests or the interests of the couple. 

Birthday Gift Ideas

A 60th birthday gift doesn’t always need to include a pair of warm wooly socks or a book about boats or flower arranging. Celestial Gift Experiences offers a wide range of alternatives to these “normal” birthday gifts. Why not opt for a driving experience or a relaxing day at the spa? Whether your friend or close family member is celebrating their 40th birthday or their 80th birthday, you will find the perfect gift for them at

There are so many interesting experiences out there, such as an opportunity to do a live radio broadcast for any event – this “includes fantastic Radio Presenters who will keep your guests rocking with awesome tunes as well as electric engagement with the audience to maintain the vibe of fun, excitement and promotion of your event”.  If this isn’t unique enough (but you don’t want to go as far as getting a ‘drive a Ferrari’ experience) then how about a WACO biplane flight for two or an elephant encounter? Both are perfect for any occasion from a 40th birthday to a 60th birthday.

If your Mom enjoys good food (and would never want to drive a Ferrari) then I suggest you take a look at these wonderful experiences – An Italian pasta lesson, high tea for two, a private fine dining experience for two, a Table Bay cruise and lunch for two, a chocolate tasting and lunch for two or a Jazz brunch for two. Another option is star gazing and dinner for two at the Cradle of Mankind where “participants will be given the chance to make use of both telescopes and called to look through the larger telescope usually on a table-by-table basis, before and during the various courses of food ordered in the restaurant”. These are all amazing alternatives to a driving experience.

And then, on the other hand, you might also have friends and family members who are passionate about cars and racing and who would love to drive a Ferrari and enjoy a unique driving experience. For those people you could choose to get a Birkin 2-seater hot lap session, which “includes a 10 minute introduction to the car and its mechanics/history followed by being strapped in and then 20 minutes experiencing this rare beauty at top speeds in the safe hands of a Professional Racing Driver. Once you have finished your session you can then enjoy light refreshments in the VIP hospitality tent”.

For your businessman uncle, who is celebrating his 60th birthday, you could get a tailor made shirt consultation where “each tailor made shirt is cut to your individual specifications using the highest quality fabrics and craftsmanship”. For your sister, who is celebrating her 40th birthday, and who loves to fly, you could give the gift of a Johannesburg sunset flight for two, a Cape Town helicopter flight or a hot air balloon flight, which also includes breakfast for two.

 Lion cub encounters for two, Vaal River fishing cruises, which “includes the private charter of a luxurious cruiser for 3-hours, all gear, equipment and training” and wine estate picnics for two – there is no doubt that Celestial Gift Experiences is the place to go for unique and exciting gifts that create memories that last a life time.  

Celestial Gift Experiences Vouchers

Buying 50th birthday gifts for people you do not know is not easy. Celestial Gift Experiences has an experience voucher or gift vouchers, which are perfect 50th birthday gifts for someone you do not know so well. Not everyone wants to test drive a Ferrari, so gift vouchers allow the person to choose, for themselves, an experience that they will enjoy.

At Celestial Gift Experiences there is a selection of three beautifully presented gift vouchers. Pluto is valued at R500, Saturn is valued at R1000 and Mars is valued at R1500. The experiences you could get with R500 or less include a rock climbing introduction, river rafting, a Segway lion park tour experience, advanced quad biking, chocolate tasting, horseback safari, an introduction to microlight flight, a Sushi lesson and a facial spa treatment, just to mention a few.

For R1000 or less, if you get one of the Saturn gift vouchers, you could get a live radio celebrity experience, a Lotus Exige driving dash, a hot stone massage, a Table Bay cruise and lunch for two, a Cape Town helicopter flight, a tandem paraglide flight, four saucy salsa dance lessons for two, a gyrocopter flight and even a canopy tour.

As you can see, Celestial Gift Experiences has so much more to offer than just the “test drive a Ferrari” experience. If you give someone the Mars gift voucher they will be able to choose from these amazing gift experiences. Here are just a few of the experiences on offer for R1500 or less – an Aston Martin driving dash, dinner in the sky for two, tailor made shirt, tie and cufflinks, an introduction to kite surfing, a Super Decathlon with aerobatics, a gents ultimate escape as well as horse whispering for two.

So, if you don’t want to get the ‘test drive a Ferrari’ experience you can always opt for one of the other amazing experiences instead. For the perfect 50th birthday gift check out and choose from their selection of gift vouchers and experiences. Whether you chose a gift voucher or an experience voucher, you will be making the right choice and even if the gift is for a distant acquaintance they will not only remember the gift but they will, without a doubt, remember you as well.

An experience voucher or any of the gift vouchers are all wonderfully unique 50th birthday gifts for the people closest to you but they are also perfect gifts for your boss’s wife’s sister or your uncle’s helpful elderly neighbour. You can’t go wrong with giving people, no matter how well you know them, an experience of a lifetime and memory that they will cherish forever.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Weighing up my options.....

I joined Curves a month ago and today was my first weigh in and measurement day. I have been going 5 days a week (for the exception of one week where I went 3 times) and I have been changing my eating habits as best I can. So, as you can imagine, I expected some results. Unfortunately, I have put on…..wait for it…….1.5kg! Obviously it can’t possibly be the Curves gym routine, it has to be my eating habits, which the gym lady, let’s just call her Skinny Malinky, suggested immediately.

So, now my option is to either enjoy food and steadily put on weight (even if I go to the gym 5 times a week) or, as she says, “just drink a big glass of water before each meal and then you won’t eat as much”.

Has it really come to this? That we can’t just eat what we want and eat as much as we want. I hate that I have become this person who feels bad about eating chips or a slice of cake every now and again or eating a meal that contains starch….oh no, heaven forbid I eat bread…..bread is the devil’s food!

I never used to worry about this at all. Food was never an issue for me because I LOVE FOOD! Food has been my dear friend for 27 years and now it has just turned its back on me and is leaving its calories in my ass. My relationship with food has changed without me making the decision to change it and now I feel almost forced to change because I want my body back.

So, I guess there is my answer – I want my body back (the one I had a year ago) so I will just have to say good-bye to my other dear friends bread, pasta and awesome Mr. Potato and hope that we are reunited one day by candle light and a good bottle of wine.

I know that it all comes down to changing my mind-set and soon this will all feel very natural (it bloody well better start quickly) and then I will laugh at the thought that I once got excited about roast potatoes and cheese sauce.

…………….My goodness, I can talk a lot of bull poop…..I think for now I’ll just do the water drinking thing before meals. I take it back my starchy friends….tonight we shall reunite.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Pampering Vs Adventure

Adventure experiences might not be for everyone and if you are looking for a gift, whether it is for a 21st birthday or a 50th birthday, you will find it at Celestial Gift Experiences. A gift experience is a great gift option as it is something that will be remembered forever. For a 21st birthday gift you might want to give your sister a full day spa gift experience and if your brother is into adventure sports you can join him in a tandem skydive. Celestial Gift Experiences is the perfect place to look as it has experiences ranging from adventure sports and party Hummers to romantic dining experiences and gift vouchers.

When it comes to buying a gift for someone who prefers the indoors to the outdoors and loves a good pampering, you can’t go wrong with the experiences at Alternatives to adventure sports include Sushi lessons, dinner in the sky, a singles cooking evening, chocolate tasting or a high tea for two. These make great gifts for sisters, mothers, grandparents and actually anybody who has a taste for the finer things in life.

For the men in your life you could opt for a gift experience of another nature. A tailor made suit experience allows you to “create your very own bespoke suit and hand pick each and every minute detail. Each tailor made suit is cut to your individual specifications using the highest quality fabrics and craftsmanship”.  Also available is a tailor made shirt consultation. These would make a wonderful 21st birthday gift as well a great congratulatory gift for your son who just got a new job.

A mini make-over is a lovely gift to give your daughter before her Matric dance and personal shopping experience is a special way to celebrate your cousin’s engagement. Body analysis and illusion dressing “is the art of bringing your figure into proportion visually by the clothes that you wear. During body analysis we take your body measurements and analyse which clothing styles are most flattering for your body type” – this gift experience is a great corporate incentive as well as a perfect gift for your aunt who can’t stop complaining about her weight.

Other alternatives to adventure sports are a Segway Spier wine farm and vineyard tour, a private off-road wine tour, a maternity and new born photo shoot or photo shoot fun, which can be done with your family or friends.

From an African feast and drumming and a farm house party weekend for 12 to a Rose garden breakfast, a Durban harbor dinner cruise and a professional recording studio session – Celestial Gift Experiences has it all. These are all wonderful gifts to give that special person in your life who just wants to sit back and relax (without the thrill) and have a memory to look back on forever. 

Finding the best gift online

Celestial Gift Experiences is one place where you can find the best gift for anyone and any occasion. If you are looking for a wedding anniversary gift, they will have many options available. Congratulatory and good luck gifts are also on offer, which include anything from motorsports to spa treatments and air adventures to wine tasting as well as many more unforgettable gift experiences.

There two types of people you might have to buy gifts for – either you buy gifts for close friends and family or you buy gifts for people you do not know so well. Either way, the gift needs to be the best gift you can get them and Celestial Gift Experiences is the best place to look when it comes to buying anything from a wedding anniversary gift to a good luck gift.

If you find yourself in the position of having to buy your boss a congratulatory 50th wedding anniversary gift you need to look no further that Celestial Gift Experiences. Not only are there a wide variety of gift experiences available but there are also gift vouchers on offer. Gift vouchers are great because it allows the person you are buying it for to choose their own experience. On offer is the Pluto Voucher valued at R500, the Saturn Voucher valued at R1000 and the Mars Voucher valued at R1500.

If gift vouchers are not what you are looking then just check out the amazing gift experiences on offer. For your neighbour’s sister who just got engaged, you can give a moonlight spa experience, a horse back safari, or even a tandem skydive. For you bosses daughter who just turned 21 years old, you can get the wine estate picnic package, a hot stone massage or maybe a cruise for two. Maybe your child’s teacher just announced that she is pregnant; Celestial Gift Experiences the best gift options – you could get her a maternity photo shoot, a chocolate tasting experience or maybe just a Jazz brunch for two.

Buying gifts for people you do not know so well doesn’t have to be so tricky, even when it comes to corporate gifts. Celestial Gift Experiences has a wide range of the best gift ideas for you to choose from. Corporate incentives in the form of a Vaal River Cruise, a Harley Davidson Pillion, a F1 self-drive or a flotation tank treatment are great gift incentives to get any business team working hard.

Gift vouchers, gift experiences and a whole lot more - Celestial Gift Experiences has it all. A wedding anniversary gift, a birthday gift, a good luck gift or a bachelor party gift - Celestial Gift Experiences has a gift for every occasion. Your uncle’s daughter’s boyfriend, your boss’s wife’s sister or your son’s girlfriend’s mother – Celestial Gift Experiences has the perfect gift for everyone.