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Nap Living - I "heart" jewellery

Now a days there is so much to choose from when it comes to necklaces and other jewellery, but there will always be those classic designs that you will always love. Hearts, peace signs, and birds are just some of the pendents we have in our stores. Which is your favourite?

The romantic heart shaped pendants must be the most commonly used in jewellery design - so classic and elegant and who wouldn't want the symbol of love with them at all times?

Here are some of the necklaces we have in our stores:



Nap Living - Light up your life

Maybe you only take out your candles when you have no electricity or when you are having some friends over for dinner. As soon as we light them we say, "We should use these more often" - there really is something so magical, romantic and special about candle light.

There is no reason why you should not use candles more often (you will save on electricity too) - as it gets dark outside just light a few candles around your home and see what a wonderfully calming effect it has.

Here are some of the candles and candle products we have in our stores:

Nap Living - Beautiful kitchen items

Don't get stuck in a rut when it comes to kitchen and food accessories - there are so many beautiful items out there that can add a little something special to any dining occasion and everyday cooking and cleaning.

We have some wonderful items in our store that would make lovely gifts for others (and for yourself). Treat yourself and others with a new take on some everyday products.

 Cheese knives and snack labels              Beautiful dish cloths and patterned cutlery

Miniature salt dishes with spoons

Nap Living - Ribbons, ribbons, ribbons

Plastic ribbons are a thing of the past with so many new and unique ribbons out there. Whether you use them for gift wrapping, home decor or as a clothing accessory, you really can't go wrong with a beautifully designed ribbon.

Here are some of the stunning ribbons we have in our stores: 

Nap Living - It's all about growth

Changing and growing is part of life and as soon as you accept it you have the power to make your growth beautiful and unique. When we think of growth and change we may just think about ourselves in terms of who we are but change is also important to implement in other areas of our lives.

Your home, your clothes and even your kitchen items deserve a change every now and again - making small changes with how you look and how your home is decorated can make a big change in how you feel.

Come on over to your nearest Nap Living store and let's see how we can help you change and grow for the better. 

Nap Living - Ceramic Items

We have a wide range of ceramic items in store from bowls and plates to mugs - you can never have enough beautiful plates, mugs, bowls or serving dishes. When was the last time you bought some new crockery? Change is, after all, as good as a holiday!

Here are some of the items we have in store - you can visit us at to find the nearest Nap store in your area.

Nap Living - Stay Traditional

For those of you that like traditional home decor and functional pieces then come on over to our stores and see what we have for you. Old fashioned-looking kitchen items, hooks and ornaments are just some of the beautiful things you can find in our stores.

We might be living in the 21st Century but that doesn't mean that traditional items have lost their appeal and their beauty. Here are some the wonderful kitchen and home decor pieces we have on offer.

Nap Living - Wrap it up

Now a days there are so many beautiful gift wrapping options available. From wrapping paper and patterned boxes to ribbons and bags - what you choose to wrap your gifts in can often be just as special as the gift itself.

You can also make your wrapping far more personal by writing words and phrases on a blank piece of wrapping paper, ribbon or gift bag - this adds something special to any gift and can even replace a card. 

Come on over to your nearest Nap Living store for many exquisite wrapping ideas and gift cards

Nap Living – Inspirational words

LOVE                   PEACE                 HOPE              JOY               CELEBRATE 

Having inspirational words around your home is a wonderful home décor idea. Words, phrases and your favourite quotes can add something really special to any room in your house.

Visit your nearest Nap Living store and get some lovely word art to place around your home. 

Nap Living - Colour themes

It is always a great idea to have a colour theme for your home. You can, however, also do different colour themes for different rooms depending on the mood you want to create for each one. Here is a list of colours and what mood each one represents:

1.     Red – creates energy
2.     Yellow – brings happiness
3.     Blue – is calming and relaxing
4.     Green – also has a calming effect and is good to use with yellow
5.     Purple – darker shades can be more dramatic and the lighter shades also bring about a sense of calm
6.     Orange – also evokes energy
7.     Black/White and other neutral colours are all soothing colours to use and work well in any room

Think carefully about the colours you want in your home but also think about the mood or energy you want to create – it is, after all, a place that you spend most of your time. 

Nap Living – Wedding tips

We love weddings and everything that goes with it. From table centrepieces and flowers to wedding dresses and gifts. Here are some wedding tips we came up with:

1.     Wedding dress – vintage wedding dresses are often very unique and the chances of someone else having the same dress as you are very small.
2.     Centrepieces – remember to not go too big – your guests need to be able to see each other when enjoying their meal.
3.     Bridesmaids dresses – get your bridesmaids involved in the process – no one likes to wear something that they don’t feel comfortable in and there is no rule that says they all need to look the same.

The most important thing to remember is that planning a wedding should be fun – don’t get too caught up in the things that don’t work and just enjoy the process of planning this special day. 

At Nap, we have great gifts, home décor, jewellery, linen, fragrances, vases and so much more. Come and visit us at and find out where your nearest Nap Living store is.

You can follow us on Facebook and on Twitter @NapLivingSA for more tips on decorating your home, storage ideas, wedding gifts and ideas and any other pretty things we all love to look at. 

Markets can be a wonderful place to start when looking for items that can spice up your home. Cape Town markets are popping up everywhere – here is a list of some of the great Cape Town markets that have everything from home décor, clothes and accessories.

1.     The Treasury Market
2.     The Hout Bay Harbour Market
3.     The Trunk Show

Decorate your home using items that reflect who you are. Think about what you like and what you want to be surrounded by. Your home really should be a place that you want to be – you should feel relaxed and comfortable when you are at home.
There is no time like the present to decorateyour home in a way that makes you happy. Do have a room in your house that is just not quite right? Or a bookshelf that is just not working? Take the time to decorate your home so that you don’t have those areas that you don’t want to look at.

Nap Living - Give your home a make over (without bashing down any walls!)

No matter what you budget is there is always a way to give your home a fresh new look. Whether you want to add some colour to your bathroom or a touch of class to your lounge, you can go very far by just following these few steps – a home makeover does not always need to involve a bulldozer!

1.     Paintings on canvas or framed pictures can do a lot to a room. A lounge with many neutral colours can look very different with a splash of colour.
2.     Adding a beautiful mirror in your bathroom can not only change the room but it can also make it seem bigger too.
3.     Adding themed ornaments around your house can create a lovely feeling of connectivity.
Next time you feel like a change, think small before you think big – a change in home décor might be all you need.

Nap Living - Get the seaside feeling in your home

Whether you live by the sea or not, using the ocean and the beach as a theme for your home is a wonderful idea.
You can use white washed wooden frames for pictures, photos and paintings and place a collection of seashells in a tall glass vase. The use of blues, greys and whites on your walls can really help to lighten up your home and give it that fresh sea air feel.
Come on over to a Nap store near you and discover all the other seaside décor possibilities that are out there

Nap Living - Wedding season is around the corner!

It is very hard to ignore all the signs that wedding season is upon us and with that comes the buying of wedding gifts. You will see it on Facebook, on blogs, and you will hear people chatting about it in the shops and at dinner parties – at some point you just know that that time has come.
Buying wedding gifts is not an easy task (even if it’s just for one wedding). To make life easier, we have put together a list of perfect wedding gift ideas, all found in our stores. So, what are you waiting for? Pick the right gift and come on over to your nearest Nap Living store – we look forward to seeing you there! 

Nap Living - Unique jewellery displays 

You really can have so much fun when displaying your jewellery. It is not necessary to stick to the traditional jewellery displays such as cabinets and boxes. A small branch in a vintage glass bottle will look beautiful draped in your necklaces. Glass bottles are also a wonderful way to stack your bracelets. 

Here are some lovely examples of items in our stores that could work as unique jewellery displays:

Nap Living - Beautiful storage ideas

When we think about storage we might think about large dull containers or plastic desk shelves – your storage containers don’t need to be unappealing – get creative and your storage boxes can be just as beautiful as everything else in your house.

At Nap we have a wide range of items that can easily be used as storage – from boxes and vases to hooks and bowls – think outside of the usual storage box and make your storage areas blend in with the rest of your home décor.



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