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Monday, June 20, 2011

Quad Biking Adventures

It has been described as the most exciting thing on four wheels. I have not had the thrill of quad biking before so I do not know if this statement is in fact true. What I do know is that it appeals to me.

Due to a couple of very unnecessary minor car accidents (none of them my fault), I have become quite a nervous driver. Especially when it comes to stopping at robots or pedestrian crossings; I always fear that the person behind me has not seen me stop and that they will come crashing into me. Having said this, though, I do enjoy driving fast and on certain roads (the ones I know well) I have mastered the act of going around bends at, what I feel to be, a rather speedy pace.
Knowing the above about myself, I think that a quad bike might just be the most exciting thing on four wheels. I mean, what are my other options? A car, unless you drive a sports car, is not what I would call exciting. There are not very many types of vehicles that have four wheels...actually, cars are it. So then, yes, I guess a quad bike is the most exciting thing on four wheels. Well done quad bikes!
From what I have read, a quad biking adventure involves the driving of quad bikes (with a helmet) on dirt roads, dunes and other treacherous terrains. I am not keen on bungee-jumping or white river rafting or bridge swinging so quad bikes might just be the thing that satisfies that need for something remotely thrilling.
Understandably, with any extreme sport, there are dangers involved. I just read an article that stated that by 2002 more than 4200 people were admitted into hospital in the UK due to quad biking accidents. I was relieved to find out that these injuries only occur when quad bikes are driven too fast by inexperienced drivers or children. Obviously it is tragic when these accidents happen but at least I now know that safely precautions are essential and it is vital to know what you are doing.
You have the helmet, so it is fairly safe in that sense and if you stick to sandy roads even a fall (if at a slow speed) will not be fatal. I can picture myself quad biking on a lovely summer’s day with the beautiful natural scenery whizzing by me as I drive up and down small hills and dunes. It looks like all I need to bring is sunscreen, sunglasses, sturdy shoes and a big smile and luckily for me I own all of those items.
I think that with the correct training a quad biking adventure is the perfect experience for someone who wants to do something exciting but the thought of flinging them selves off a bridge isn’t at all appealing. So here’s to saving up, finding the time (and a willing partner) to enjoy the most exciting thing on four wheels, a quad bike.

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  1. Fabulous! I can't wait to make another booking to enjoy some quad biking. I love ramping all over the place. Wicked writing style. Gotta love it! You're smokin. :)