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Friday, January 14, 2011

Getting out and about

As a mother, I do not get out often. I had my daughter, Kayla, when I was 21 years old (believe me I had my fair share of partying before that) so since then I only go out once a month. For some, once a month may seen like a lot or it may seem like not enough, but for me, it's perfect.

A month is just enough time to forget the terrible hangover, embarrassing moments and the promise I made to myself to never drink again. I am off to my friend, Mathilde's, bachelorette party tomorrow night. Whenever myself and my fiance, Matt, go out it is a toss up as to who will be the designated driver. However, it isn't really that much fun getting a bit tipsy (slight euphemism) while the other person is stone sober.

The bachelorette is in Hermanus so I will be spending the night there and I have been informed that a taxi (the drivers' name is Koekie) will be transporting us wherever we need to go. How fantastic! The theme of the party is 'Cougars, Cocktails and Cabana Boys' so I have a feeling that Sunday morning will be rough and once again I will remind myself never to drink again.

I have my cougar outfit ready and because I don't physically look sixty years old, I basically just look like a hooker. To top it all off I will be driving from Cape Town to Hermanus in this outfit hoping that I don't get pulled over by a traffic officer for indecent exposure on a high way. On arriving in Hermanus I pray that I knock on the right door and not their neighbours' and be greeted by an eighty year old with a heart condition or a sixteen year old with on his face.

What will be will be. This is one situation I have no control over; I need to sit back and enjoy the experience. I am sure that the night will hold many embarrassing moments as well as much fun and laughter - I look forward to happily regretting it in the morning.
"There are moments in life when the only possible option is to lose control." Paulo Coelho

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  1. Hi Klara

    How relatable, I had my twins @ 19 so i too had to fast and furiously grow up and be the Mother that I've always dreamed of being. Easier said than done right? but looking at it now, almost 7 years later, i'm glad I made the decision to always be the best mom I could be to my fantastically eccentric girls (wonder where that stems from:-) I love your thoughts, so clear and honest.