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Thursday, January 13, 2011

I am Eeyore

Last night my five year old daughter told me that she feels really sorry for Eeyore (in Winnie the Pooh) because he is "a bit lonely and confused... I think he's a bit lost". It was as if my daughter held up a mirror in front of me and I saw Eeyore staring back at me. All of Eeyore's characteristics are mine; I am lonely in the sense that I have gotten used to not having close friends. This is something I will change in 2011 - friendships (and maintaining them) will become a priority. Confused? I am definitely confused. I have just ended a four year career as a Montessori Pre-school teacher and am now flinging myself into the (career) world of writing. I am only who I believe myself to be and I believe myself to be a writer (even though I have not been published).

And then lastly, I am most certainly a bit lost. It is a feeling I feel whenever I begin a new journey. The excitement and the fear combines, leaving me with self doubt and sense that I don't have a fucking clue as to what I am getting myself into. I feel lost.

There is, however, another trait that Eeyore has. He is wise. I have learnt quite a bit in my twenty six years and am continuously taking advantage of opportunities that expand my consciousness. Wisdom is something that can only be gained if we open ourselves up to learning from life. Learning from our mistakes, learning from others and by being open to change. Be aware. Awareness is the key to living a conscious life.

There are days when I am Eeyore (lost and lonely, but still aware) and there are days when I am Winnie the Pooh (blissfully roaming through life with plenty of honey, but lacking the awareness). And then there are also days when I am blissfully roaming through life fully conscious. I will share these days with you and hopefully encourage some of you to join me in making that change (for the sake of happiness). 2011 is a year of changing my mind about my life. Here's to new beginnings, no regrets and a many more wise words from my daughter, Kayla.

"I'm independent; I see life though my eyes and not through other people's. I'm going in search of the adventure of being alive." Paulo Coelho, The Witch of Portobello.

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